Benefits of Buying a Timber Framed Home

To ensure we are being kind to the environment, we have adapted our building techniques and use of materials, to make sure they meet new energy housebuilding efficiency standards. Timber frame new buildings meet and exceed these standards, ensuring low running costs, matched by precise engineering quality.

Below are the three main benefits of buying a timber framed home built by Harrington Homes:

Harrington Homes – Environmentally friendly

Timber frames are a sustainable and flexible choice, which allow us to create efficient, quick to build and low carbon structures. Timber frame properties are made using sustainable timber from FSC managed forests. The structural framework uses stress graded softwood timber which is known for its strength, durability and resistance to the elements.

Harrington Homes is championing a natural source for a sustainable future. With knowledge and expertise in the latest design and manufacturing techniques, timber frame construction is a speedy, cost-effective offsite construction method.

New Homes in the South West – Energy efficient

Thick thermal insulation is placed between the inner leaf studs resulting in only the air in the home being heated, rather than the building structure. Thus, making the new property more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Sound Efficiency – Improved acoustic insulation

Timber is the ideal material for reducing noise from televisions and radios, as well as muffled sounds from adjoining rooms, ensuring a comfortable and a quieter environment for homebuyers.




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