Surviving moving day

Did the task of finding your dream home feel a little stressful? Did the kids’ demands for a dream bedroom make you want to give up? Or was it your extended family members making comments on the relocation property you had your heart set on?

Deep Breath…

Well, if any of the above increased your blood pressure slightly, brace yourself… your Moving day is on the horizon.

So now it is going to get exciting, right? Yes. Of course, it is.

But also, a little daunting?

It can be.

Moving day can be an overwhelming and somewhat chaotic time. But we’re here to help you overcome those stresses by listing out all of the advice from our experienced team to dissolve any questions about how to make moving day as smooth as possible.

Check out our list below, created by those that have been through it before. Trust us on this one!


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Why Choose Harrington Homes?

Firstly, because we are an independent local home builder. Harrington Homes is especially proud to create completely unique homes of the highest quality.

Premium quality new homes

Above all else – each finishing touch is hand-picked to ensure our uniquely high design standards are met.

Contributing to the local community

Investing within the neighbourhood by employing local tradesmen in addition to local business suppliers.

Creating homes not houses

No two developments are the same, in other words each house is individually designed.

Customer service is second to none

Committed to excellence coupled with responsive customer care. Both before and after you buy.

Shared Ownership

Harrington Homes is working in partnership with Heylo to offer Home Reach, a part-buy-part-rent option on selected new homes properties in the South West.